Why Am I Seeing Double After Toric Lens Implant?

March 2, 2011

 I had cataract surgery and a toric lens put in about 3 weeks ago, now my depth perception is way off and I can’t drive to work.  The eye that isn’t done yet has a bifocal lens in the glasses and I have put clear glass in the eye that had the surgery.  First thing in the morning, I see double, by the end of the day it’s not too bad.  Is this all going to clear up when I get my other eye done?




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148 Responses to “Why Am I Seeing Double After Toric Lens Implant?”

  • Lorraine

    I chose multi focal lenses when cataract surgery was done. The right eye is fine. With the left I, I see a shadow which looks like an eyebrow that impedes my vision. I had the floaters removed in this eye. The vision is clear except for the shadow. Could the multi focal lens have been inserted the wrong way? Not inverted, but the top on the bottom and the bottom on top. If so, would it cause any problems.

  • Lois

    I have a lazy eye & cataracts in both eyes. Dr suggested the Toric Lens would improve vision in my lazy eye along w/ cataract surgery. do u think this is correct for me. I’m 78 yr old.. My Dr only recommented glass from dollar store now .because I have 20/20 in left eye & 30/40 in lazy eye.

  • Wanda

    I had both cataract removal for both eyes. My vision was pretty good so I got just the normal lenses. I immediately noticed double vision in my left eye. I was told it might go away they will watch it, if not they could do a YAG laser procedure and it should clear it up. I have tried to research double vision on the internet but there is not much helpful information out there. What I have gathered it could be caused by astigmatism to incorrect lens placement. Since I do not have, or never had astigmatism, can I assume the lens was placed incorrectly since I noticed I could see the edge of the lens immediately too? The double vision makes everything seem blurry and makes me a bit sick to my stomach. Is it possible to reposition a lens with a YAG laser procedure?

  • Byron

    I had cataract surgery about 7 weeks ago–after a month of healing and seeing the specialist to have the eye test I could only read the top line–After the eye specialist checked things out he realized the toric lens he implanted was out 90 degrees that he admitted was his fault by using the wrong numbers to set up the toric lens.– but the good news he said was I can fix it– Five days later I was back in the surgery room–That same day after surgery I noticed a big difference–The next day I seen the specialist for the follow up to read the eye chart with a result of 20/20–Up to 5 days I had 20/20 vision on the 6th day watching tv I noticed a loss of about 5%–That same day went to see the specialist and had the eye test and now 3 weeks later I can only see the 4th line up from the btm. line–I believe the lens moved what is your comment?

  • moe

    I had Rt. eye cataract surgery 2/2/16 went perfect.
    Lt. eye my Dr. recommended Toric due to astigmatism , done on 3/1/16.
    terrible result on Lt. eye. First double image of distance objects. Also light beam at 45
    degree from left through bulb to right.
    One month later new prescription for minor distance and astigmatism correction.
    Reading glasses i do not mind.
    Even worst after new glasses. I still have double image and beam through lighted bulb. Now third problem all bulbs including street lights double image vertically.
    Any suggestion? Hard to talk to the surgeon.

  • Savitri devi

    I had cataract surgery in left eye around 10 years back now on 12th April 2016 my right eye was operated nd toric lens was implanted ,in this eye my vision was 6/36 now after 12 days my vision is 5/60 doctor says it will be all right.Everything I see is blurry from my right eye having torric lens.the details of lens used is POWER 26.5D MODEL SN6AT9. 6CYL. Does my vision will improve as was before. My age is 84.

  • Marilyn Daniels, Ph.D

    My optometrist wants me to exaggerate my cataract symptoms at my next visit so he can record that I’m having difficulty and to warrant surgery. I am “legally blind” in my left eye (pretty severe amblyopia, not corrected well in childhood), but he insists that (because my left eye is generally healthy) I should have an implant in the left eye at the time I have cataract surgery on the right. He said this would result in “great” vision in my left eye–an eye with which I can’t see much. I can’t see how this will be possible. My distance vision is not very good in my right eye. I’m feeling a little paranoid about his advice. He has mentioned that he will refer me to a surgeon who’ll “accept Medicare.” I’ve seen this guy for 30 years, and have trusted him up ’til now. What he said just didn’t feel right. I do have an appointment with an ophthalmologist in a few weeks. The later has never mentioned any possibility of such a dramatic correction of my left eye. Thank you.

  • Chris Ralston

    I had cataract surgery on my left eye on Wednesday and the lens they put in”seems like it is folded”is that normal?