Why Am I Seeing Double After Toric Lens Implant?

March 2, 2011

 I had cataract surgery and a toric lens put in about 3 weeks ago, now my depth perception is way off and I can’t drive to work.  The eye that isn’t done yet has a bifocal lens in the glasses and I have put clear glass in the eye that had the surgery.  First thing in the morning, I see double, by the end of the day it’s not too bad.  Is this all going to clear up when I get my other eye done?




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148 Responses to “Why Am I Seeing Double After Toric Lens Implant?”

  • hello everyone. what you are going through I am as well. I am 60 years old and thanksgiving of 2015 was one of the worst days of my life. I woke up and my vision was very blurry, light sensitive and all the rest. my daughter in law works at katzen eye group and I asked her to get me an appointment. I was diagnosed dec. 2013 with having glaucoma. and a small cataract in my left eye . he said if its not bothering you, we wont bother it. well thanksgiving became the IT DAY. I have migraines, blurred vision, light sensitivity, driving, watching television, basically trying to do anything is a headache. at the end of the day my eyes are dry, my head hurts and everything looks out of focus. there is no clarity. ok this is 3 and a half into recovery, and I paid fourteen hundred for the toric lens and the right eye is so called normal and they wanted to rush me into surgery to get the other eye done. I will never ever do this again unless I don’t have a choice. driving is scary as hell. everybody keeps saying give it time. or this is very new and imagine one eye is like a new windowpane and the other eye is from a window that’s never been cleaned. they can say that because they are not looking through my eyes. I did complain to the doctor and of course from their view everything is perfect. UNHAPPY IN MARYLAND.

  • Cheryl

    I had cataract surgery on Nov 3rd, 2015 (left eye) and Nov 11th 2015 (right eye). After the surgery I couldn’t see close up or distance, couldn’t see road signs (especially colored road signs), couldn’t see where the road ended and the shoulder began, everything was very blurry. My eyes were very sore. I couldn’t even see the license plate on the car in front of me standing still. Trying to figure out the distance of the cars in front of me and coming towards me was nearly impossible. I was told that I was legal to drive and I could go back to work. Boy was it scary driving, by the help of God I have made it every day safe to work. I complained to my eye doctor so many times, and I was so upset and mad at myself for doing this surgery. Yes, I had cataracts, I could of waited a few more years, but I had the money and the insurance now and wanted the best lens for my eyes. The out of pocket cost was an additional $3700.00 per eye and $1050.00 per eye at the hospital for these special lens.. After many complaints he said I needed to get the Yag surgery on both eyes, that was done on December 21st, 2015 (left eye) and December 22nd, 2015 (right eye). Of course that cost extra, this time it went through my insurance, I don’t know what they paid yet, too soon. Now it’s January 7th, 2016 and distance is still blurred and I still can’t see close up. Arms distance is good, but by the end of the day my eyes are so sore and feel like they are crossing and even arms distance is blurry. I am constantly reaching for my glasses, of which I no longer have, and I’m getting a lot of headaches. Now after the 2nd surgery my eyes give me a hard time adjusting from close up to arm’s length and arms length to distance. But now I can add 2 new problems to the mix. I now have shadows on each eye that I keep on seeing and the floaters in each eye are many. It seems that they are having a party in my eyes and actually have been getting me dizzy a little bit.(I feel like there’s something under each lens). Sorry for being so long winded, but after both surgeries, a lot of out of pocket money and many promises of how much better I could see, I am so disappointed. I don’t know what to do or what I need to do to fix my eyes. My next appointment is on February 5th 2016. The doctor said they would be much better by then and he would do more tests. Surprise, still can’t see. I wouldn’t recommend this surgery to anyone. Wish I never got it. Can anyone help me??????

  • shelley

    I have this same surgery (12/09/15) and problem as Dana on January 10th, 2013 6:42 am “I had cataract surgery and a toric lens implanted in my right eye on January 7, 2013. My vision is excellent. However since surgery, when looking at oncoming headlights (and other lights) I am seeing a ray of light from lower left to upper right passing thru the light.”

    You did not answer Dana. Can you answer now? I see my ray of light at 2’oclock and 8 o’clock.

  • kay

    i had cataract surgery on my left eye about a month and a half ago to enable me to see far objects, a week and a half later things got blurry or i started seeing ghost images. i have made it clear to my surgeon of this and she still thinks im healing well. recently ive started seeing a halo like object and my eyesight has not improved. this is really discouraging as i have to do my right eye too.

    Will the second surgery reduce my seeing ghost objects and the halo?

    should i wait a bit before doing the second eye?

    anyone know what could have happened to my eye?

    things, peoples faces, subtitles, moving images (tv and live) are not clearly visible

  • Thomas Nestor

    I had cataract surgery in both eyes. Toric lenses were put in both eyes. The left
    eye came out great. The right eye one month after surgery looking at letters
    they look fuzzy. But the thing that bothers me the most is when you look at things
    in the right eye the are smaller than in the left eye

  • lynn

    Last year I was told my contacts and reading glasses could not be improved. I am 67. My vision was tested by two different doctors and with contacts I am 20/40 and 20/50 and the other was 20/30 and 20/40. I passed my vision test for driving but do have difficulties with road signage. I am scheduled for surgery October 6th for a toric lens in one eye and am scared out of my wits. I do feel pushed and am thinking of cancelling and just losing the money which is ok. Should I wait because we are moving next year to another state and I could wait. You eyes are fine with contacts for everything except road signs and halos on lights. Thank you.

  • Nancy

    I had one regular distance lens and one intermediate lens (Toric) inserted after cataract surgeries in May and June, 2015. Brain adjustment has not taken place and eyesight is completely distorted while driving for reading signs. Also while shopping all reading is distorted. What permanent correction could take place other than wearing glasses for distance and of course also needing readers?

  • Suzanne

    I need an your thoughts …please..

    I had cataract surgery on the first eye on May 20th..and implanted a toric lens.
    I had moderate astigmatism and did not have to wear glasses for distance
    most of my life..and only wore readers for reading the last few years.

    I told the surgeon a week later when I called for a work in that the vision was blurry
    the tech said it was the drops and he said the lens looked well…

    I returned several times and wrote him a letter and called the tech
    from May 24 till July 16 th when the yag was done..

    I had developed a wrinkle behind the lens the first week of both my cataract surgeries..

    still I reported the blurry vision and that I had never seen clearly out of the right eye
    toric lens implant..he went ahead and did the yag in July..never
    checked the pres in the lens and charts..before he did the yag.

    I returned after the yag and told him the right eye was still not correct..
    and the left eye done on June 3 with a toric lens looked wonderful
    after its surgery for a day…. until it formed a wrinkle also within 24 hours.

    So I returned on my own again workin last week and he admitted that someone
    wrote down the wrong pres on the toric lens done in May..

    My question now….is will limbal incisions correct this wrong prescription
    in the toric lens implant that he put in my eye?
    Would you let him tweak it with limbal incisions or just leave it alone
    and have blurred vision in the right eye?

    Your suggestions?

  • Charlie

    Had cataract surgery 2 weeks ago in left eye, toric lens implanted. I supposedly have 20/25 vision but every thing is blurry. I even have 3 different strength reading glasses and reading is difficult. Doctor says he will give me a prescription for trifocals in two weeks. I am heart-broken. I have worn glasses for 63 years and If I had any clue I would still have to wear glasses I would have allowed my insurance to pay for non-laser surgery and a regular lens. Instead I paid around $2500 out of pocket. The doctor has already talked about a toric lens in my right (Lazy) eye but since I will have to wear corrective lens (glasses) anyway there is no need in wasting more money and going through the trouble. There was no provisions after surgery in case my vision was less than perfect. I am frustrated moment. Even though glasses sometimes hurt my nose and had to be cleaned and adjusted……I could see.

  • Terry Finnell

    I am scheduled for cataract surgery soon, and I am concerned about what effect the sedation and imbalance will have on my vertigo. Some have reported being dizzy and nauseated because of the adjustments your brain and eyes are going thru. Are there any experiences with this situation?

  • S K Gupta

    On 9th June 2015, I had a left eye cataract surgery but I don’t feel better. I see shadow on the left corner all the time. I had discussed with the Surgeon and he checked and said Surgery is 100% satisfactory but I am not happy and feel worse. He has given me some eye drops but did not improve. Please give me your views.

  • John Hawkless

    I had a toric implant in the left eye and the results were amazing. My distance vision is superb.
    I had the second eye done 5 weeks later (21 May 2015 – 6 weeks ago) and I am suffering significant astigmatism (horizonal lines are very sharp but vertical lines are quite blurred). The surgeon told me that the second eye often takes much longer to recover. Is this true?

  • bruce pulkkila

    Had Toric lenses put in both eyes earlier this year.Distance vision is fine.but near vision is terrible.I cant see good at all up close-to read or to do any simple repair type work.

    My hope of not having to wear glasses was an,unfulfilled dream.Night driving vision still is not good-the main reason I chose toric lenses was I mistakenly believed the night “headlight problem”would be corrected-it has not.I There is still a halo around headlights and streaks coming out from the lights.The impression I get from my own experience and that of others is that we have been led to believe that Toric lenses will be an almost miraculous fix-all,and very often they’re surely not.Also ,it seems that surgeons will rarely offer to correct results that have not been satisfactory.Would think long and hard about spending $2500 of your own money for lenses that supposedly fix “glare problems”,or the need for glasses.

  • Dee Schneider

    My husband just had cataract surgery and only has one eye. The other eye never developed since birth. He had perfect vision for 2 days but since then everything is blurry. The surgeon does not want to go in and see if the lens has shifted since he only has one eye. Evidently scar tissue forms around the lens so a decision has to be made very soon as to just leave the lens alone and get glasses that would allow him to see or ask that they go in again to see if the lens has moved. What should one do in this instance? Has anyone got an answer as to lens shifting?

  • Ron

    Just had my left eye done 31 hours ago after successfully cataract done on right eye.
    What is happening now is faces are totally lured like a water painting having being smudged,also things are small as though you are looking through the opposite end of binoculars

  • gladys

    I am 77 years old and have bad astigmatism. Never have seen very good since childhood. I have seen 3 Eye Doctors as I know I am past due for cataract surgery, in fact I was told the cataracts are harden and needed the phacofragmentation removal
    and toric lens to correct astigmatism.

    I have read and researched on the internet to try to make an informed decision and
    now I am convinced that it is very risky to do anything about cataract problem and that
    eye doctors wash their hands of patients that develop problems after their handywork.

  • Joan Obregon

    I had cataract surgery Oct. of 2014. Toric lens in both eyes. I now have a permanent floater of black things in left eye. Hard to describe. It started 5/25/15, and its now been 4 days. Do I need to see a doctor right away, or will this go away?

  • myra

    last year I had my eyes did first one did got a IOL implant started swing double OK then went back few month later got the other one did they put a IOL in that still swing double it getting worse now it really haven’t been a year yet scary doctor say he don’t understand why this is happen need help

  • Had cataract and lense replacement surgery for astigmatism last Aug. Left eye blurry. Dr. said it was from problems I already had. Really sorry I had it done. He says nothing can be done so left eye is ruined for the rest of my life.

  • Had cataract and lense replacement surgey last Aug. I am so sorry I had it done. Right eye is alright- left eye is awful. blurriness and not clear at all. Went back to Dr. this week. He said it was there all the time it is just my eyes are better so I see it. nothing he can do to help me. He said big floaters. Why did he encourage me to have this done. Lights are a killer. My eye is ruined and I am so distraught. I am beating myself up all the time for having this done. The lense replacement was for extreme astigmatism. eyes were much better before surgery.