Why Am I Seeing Double After Toric Lens Implant?

March 2, 2011

 I had cataract surgery and a toric lens put in about 3 weeks ago, now my depth perception is way off and I can’t drive to work.  The eye that isn’t done yet has a bifocal lens in the glasses and I have put clear glass in the eye that had the surgery.  First thing in the morning, I see double, by the end of the day it’s not too bad.  Is this all going to clear up when I get my other eye done?




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148 Responses to “Why Am I Seeing Double After Toric Lens Implant?”

  • Had cataract and lens implant in both eyes about a year ago. Left eye is doing fine but the right eye I noticed about 4 months later was getting a little blurry and with shadows to the left of letters. Went back to doctor on two different occasions. The second time back ( after 11 months ) they told me I would probably need glasses. This did not go over well since it has not even been a year. If a surgeon is in the house, this is the info given to me. Sph -0.25, Cyl -0.75, Axis 085, Prism 1.5 BD. Of course, I have no idea what that means other than having to wear glasses which really does not seat well since the whole meaning of having this done was to get rid of the glasses. Have made an appointment with the surgeon who emailed me and told me all sorts of things that could cause this problem with my right eye. I feel a little ripped off. Someone please tell it like it is for once. FAR SIGHTED

  • ari

    not any more risky than regular lasik. toric lens is not perfect- i always tell patients that it gives BETTER uncorrected vision than a regular implant. this way, no one is disappointed if the results are not as good as we hoped. thankfully, it works well the vast majority of the time. as we have noted on these pages, new technology is on the horizon where the power of the implant can be adjusted using special laser after surgery (the LAL lens). also, there is a new gizmo coming out which can measure the prescription of the eye while you are on the table, so we can confirm everything is correct before you leave the O.R.

  • Karin

    I have my cataract surgery over a month ago and my distance is still blurry after about 4 to 5 feet. The surgeon first offered to give me a laser adjustment when he realized he had miscalulated, then changed his mind telling me it was too risky because my other eye is “lazy” and I can’t see much with it. After spending 950.00 on the toric lens I now have to buy glasses again. I told him I wasn’t happy with this and he told me he wasn’t going to sit there and argue with me. Because of his unprofessional behavior both in the operating room and checkups, I cancelled my operation for the lazy eye. My optometrist is getting me an appointment with another surgeon. My question is, is laser surgery risky on a toric lens that was put in the wrong position?

  • ari

    charla- your prescription wil not change at all after surgery. i strongly advise the toric lens- there is downside, and your vision will be much better w/o glasses. think about it- instead of buying glasses after surgery for the astigmatism, why not implant that astigmatism correction permanently into your eye?

  • ari

    rare, but no unheard of. has nothing to do with the toricity. if you can read with the eye now w/o glasses, my advice is to leave things alone and get glasses for distance.

  • Karin

    I had cataract surgery and a toric lens implanted on June 13/12. I am now very near sighted with very blurry distance vision. I saw the surgeon today and he told me it may have to do with the lens shifting. I see him again on July 18. He told if at that time the blurry distance vision hadn’t cleared up he would make a laser adjustment to it. After that I would need readers but would probably have better distance vision. My other eye is “lazy” and I am very worried. The vision I have now on my once good eye is a complete reversal of what I had before. Has anyone experienced a toric lens shifting into place after the surgery?

  • charla

    I am scheduled for cataract surgery and undecided about a toric lens. I don’t mind wearing glasses. What happens as you age? In the past, my vision has slowly worsened from 11 years old to now 66 years. With a toric lens do you just start better again but slowly deteriorate over time? Or because it is an artificial lens, you remain constant?

  • alice

    i had a toric lens implanted in my Right Eye after cataract surgery about 2 months later , i began to see double images.

    could this be due to a shift in the lens?

  • ari

    the side vision issue is due to the shape of the implant, regardless of the toricity. its very common and you will slowly get used to it. the vision can fluctuate a little in the first month.

  • Toni

    I had toric implant and now my side vision isn’t the grea/test. After the first eye there was an imbalance but they said that was normal. But how do u get the peripheral vision back? The surgery didn’t hurt at all. The one eye was 20/40 and a month later is 20/50 is that normal?

  • ari

    interesting complaints. i would first make sure your retina is normal- get an oct to rule out epiretinal membrane–that would be the most common cause of distortion. hard to explain how the implant can be causing the double vision, unless it is extremely dislocated. it has nothing to do with the toricity. double/triple vision very hard to blame on the implant. perhaps you have some posterior capsular opacification that is splitting the light? if your surgeon cant give you good answer, get 2nd opinion.

  • Dawn

    I had a toric implant 2 months ago in my right eye when correcting cataract surgery. My lens shifted forward. I am now farsighted and see shapes differently. Everything is a trapezoid with the bottom part of a square about 20% less than the top. I have some double vision, light flashes and holographic images, some times in triplicate all on my peripheral vision. What now? Will it get better? It’s like being in a fun house, but I’m not having fun with my distorted vision and light flashes. Need help! Thank you.

  • virginia

    i had toric’s implanted in both eyes….developed double in both…

    only required a YAG..a few second laser correction

    wasn’t a big deal….it happens, but you must speak up immediately when something isn’t right..just like you would after any medical procedure

  • ari

    sounds like your prescription ended up near-sighted instead of far-sighted. not rare- we cant predict 100% how your eye will end up (accuracy is about 90-95%). my advice- enjoy your near vision and wear glasses for far. im near-sighted, and i love it.

  • Had toric lens implanted in worse eye Sept 1 – minimal vision before as I was born with “lazy eye”. Can see better than before, could could not read or drive with just that one eye. Had 2nd surgery Sept 15 in better eye. As I wore the gas perm lens contact lens in that eye, had to wait for cornea and biweekly scans to be taken in order for cornea to get back to a more normal position. I was told I would see better distance. Now out of my better eye, I can see extremely well up close, working on computer, etc and intermediate/distance distorted. I thought I could see better distance about a week after surgery, then everything seemed to change. I am on my next to last week of using prednisilione drops. I know eyes have to adjust and my vision is slightly better in the mornings, worse in the evenings. Last check up didn’t reveal any fluid buildup etc. I’m praying this is temporary going into the 3rd week post op. with the distorted vision. With 95% success rate of being able to see distance better with the toric lens, (I have in both eyes) – why am I seeing better up close and distance distorted? Thanks.

  • Karen

    Now, I’m worried. I just made an appointment for a cataract extraction with a possible Acry Sof Toric implant. (if I so decide) I am doing the research and came upon this site. My left eye has already been implanted with a regular implant, so the 2 implants will not be the same. Should I forgo the Toric implant in the next surgery?

  • P Cawley

    I want this message to be read by the person above who had the Toric implant and is having a hard time with depth perception and seeing double. I assume you supposedly await a second implant in the other eye.. I am in the same situation as you. My depth perception’s way off and I can’t drive either. But the vision in my first eye is miraculous after the toric lense implant (into my left eye) two weeks ago. I’m literally getting around with one eye. I concede that it’s very limiting until I get the other eye done next week, However, knowing I’m having the other eye fixed has me anticipating. This is only a very temporary problem. You make it sound as if it’s permanent for you. Are you not having the other cataract on your other eyes also replaced with the Toric lense… as well?? I am extremely grateful for this coming my way! I had horrible astigmatism since 3rd grade. My glasses have gotten progressively thicker and thicker. I actually consider myself lucky to have gotten cataracts and being a candidate for these implants which equal a miracle.

  • Dr. Ari Weitzner

    you should ask to implant the toric lens but leaving you a little near-sighted, like at -1.50. this will allow you to perform most near tasks without glasses. you absolutely must discuss this in detail with the surgeon before surgery.

  • bonnie

    I am tentatively scheduled to have toric lens implant surgery and am hesitant about the distance vision…as opposed to my being very nearsighted since grade school. Am I correct to assume that after the surgery I will be just the opposite. being unable to see up close and able to see at a distance. This worries me, as I am required to run a register and count money at work, and I will still need corrective lenses to acheive this if I can’t see close. I am also recently widowed and have no one to drive for me if I can’t see.

  • Dr. Ari Weitzner

    yep! your eyes are not in balance now. hang in there, but of course, be sure to share any concerns with your eye doctor.