Lumigan vs. Travatan vs. Xalatan

March 5, 2009

I read a letter to the editor in the Ocular Surgery News from a doctor who was very frustrated with the studies that each drug rep shows him that proves one glaucoma medication for controlling ocular hypertension is better than the other. He suggested, and I agree, that this essentially “proves” that corporate-sponsored studies are biased, for how could experts studying the same thing consistently come to different conclusions, each one coincidentally proving that the product made by their sponsor is the best?

So, I have come to the point where I tell my reps that when I choose a prostaglandin, I simply toss a coin. This way, the reps don’t harrass me! Or, I choose based on the patient’s insurance coverage. I wonder if anyone out there really sees a significant difference among the three in terms of efficacy ( we all know that Xalatan has the least redness).




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36 Responses to “Lumigan vs. Travatan vs. Xalatan”

  • Gary Thorsen on Jan. 23/2016 4pm
    BC, Canada
    I am online with a question if Xalatan ,being a generic(cheaper) for Lumigan, is it the same composition and do the same for lowering my eye pressure. I am 72 yrs. of age and didn’t have my eyes checked for quite awhile. My eye pressure was very high 27 and I have Glaucoma. The eye Specialist did the Laser Pressure release that brought the pressure DOWN to 10 in my left eye and 12 in my right. The follow-up test was an equal 13.
    Rob Lee SAYS that he orders HIS Lumigan from Canada as it is cheaper here. I get mine at Walmart and for a small 5 mL (here in Canada, not mg) plastic bottle it cost me $ 61.56 before the $ 10 prescription fee is added. I also have to use a Timolol 0.5% morning and night. Cost $ 11.12 (before prescription fee. It is cheaper in the USA.

  • Marie Brooks

    I have been using Lumigan 0.1 ML and my pressure is 20.5 in both eyes, is this high eye pressure after cataract eye surgery

  • Vini Molini

    I have been using Lumgian and Travatan Z for almost a year now. I just spoke with my pharmacist today and he said that both of these eye drops have the same ingredients. He wondered why my doctor has prescribed both of them for me.
    My daughter sees the same Ophthalmologist and she is only taking the Travatan Z.

    I have had the SLT procedure that seemed to work for a while. At the time of the procedure my right eye pressure was at 17 with my left at 25. Due to the fact that my eye pressure has been fluctuating every since my diagnosis, I wasn’t too alarmed that he went on with the procedure. Hmmmm…

    I am now concerned because, he wants to do the SLT procedure AGAIN. For some reason (and I was told that it was a rarity by the doctor and staff) immediately after the SLT procedure I became nauseous and light headed. These symptoms did not last long
    but, I just don’t want to have the laser again.

    Sorry, I went off the grid here. My main concern is do I need to continue taking both the Lumigan and the Travatan Z ???

    Thanks for your time!

  • Charles Nelson

    Ok, everyone I used Xalatan in 1998 and after Bush drug plan D (I am legally blind)( 1 eye no sight other I see low vision)…So Part D around 2006 every year insurance changed for awhile. I have used all of them ,Lumigan,Travatan, and Xalatan. Oct 2014 seond cornea transplant with seeing eye. Pressure refuses to stay controlled. We tried Laser at the same time as cornea transplant OCT 2014. I been taking four types of drops each work on separate mechanism. Timinol, Trusopt(sp) or(Cosopt)isDorzolamide/timolol…

    Dorzolamide is same as Diamox.
    alphagan or bromide(sp) it’s generic now too.
    Latanaprost re xalatan.
    I also have three ahmed valves in eye. pressure running 20 and higher looks like another valve.The laser failed as I was taking all the drops within 60 days of the laser surgery……

    Personally, I notice very little difference between drops that do the same thing and my eyes are always very red….At one time I took Pilocarpine but UCLA say it can cause retina detachment and My rare eye disease already causes problems with the retina and choroid.
    But It was effective in dropping eye pressure and in 1990 cost $13.00 a bottle with dosed both eyes for a month…Anyway good luck and really my eye prsure both eye never dropped below 20 until Xalatan came out then it drop to 17 and even 16….Although a cyro surgery in 2000 cause it to be 22 or over 20 again and it was not until a valve was put in did it drop bak down..

    My left eye has had less surgeries but it does better with pressure It finally need a valve in 2010 so it has one valve and I only have to use co-opt on it and it’s pressure is always better than the right. But I cannot see with the left. I see with the right. We manage to save the retina on the right even though it had a large retina tear and detchment after a second operation to resolve and coroidial effusion and sub retinal detachment in 1998. Lost left in 1996.

  • laurence Powell

    P.S. To backtrack, My cataract/implant surgergery was highly successful i have allergan implants in both eyes and 13 years later a success. Now it’s just a matter of slowing the glaucoma. Simple. I still think though, that for me lumigen works the best., although the VA Administration does not carry it in it’s inventories, they prefer xalatan . so for all of us worrying about our eyes get a good MD eye doctor, and get the right med to balance, Try lumigen. Larry Powell.

  • laurence Powell

    When I first realized there was something wrong with my vision, I called a surgical nurse I knew who worked in cataract surgery center who knew all the opthalmologists. (It was a wills eye surgi center) To make a long story short, i was diagnosed with retinal & pigmentary glaucoma. Ok, in 2002, the pressure was lowered in my eyes with the combination of cosopt and lumigen, in order to make surgery safe. (Laser to lower eye pressure was not successful) Since then. I have had to go to A VA eye clinic, only ever seen by an optometrist and they love to test, test, test. They do not prescribe lumigen only latanaprost. And the optometrists yell at you like you are some sort of idiot for requesting a different type of eye drop. As a result, I understand my diagnosis. I don’t need a 29 year old female optometrist to talk to me as if i am retarded. Her name is Meghan Elkins, O.D. Attended southern college.(whever that is)

  • I just started Travatan last night and my eyes are already very red and irritated, I have asked to switch to Lumigan but waiting to hear back from the eye doctor. I’m very concerned as I’m 41 and don’t want to have all the side effects that I am reading about. Just was diagnosed as a Glaucoma Suspect, runs in every generation on my Mother’s side.

  • Trent G.

    Lumigan kept my pressures in mid teens for years.

    The insurance coverage for Lumigan was dropped and I was switched to generic latanoprost. IOPs zoomed to mid 20s, but was not caught before I had additional field defect progression. Apparently there was a wide swing in IOP throughout the day that was not the case while using Lumigan.

    I’m quite angry about the whole sordid incident. I’ll never get that vision back.

  • ari

    no risk. they are all very similar. cant hurt to try

  • Jenny Kirby

    I have pigmentary dispersion syndrome and have been on combigan with pressures around 16. Lumigan added and pressures now at 9. Lumigan is not on my insurance formulary and dr doesn’t want me to try anything else. I can’t afford the $300 for a 5ml bottle. What would be the benefits or risks of trying the other drugs mentioned?

  • ari

    canaloplasty is a nice procedure, but not easy, time-consuming, and not performed by too many surgeons. if you can find an experienced surgeon, then its worth considering.

  • Enrique Castaneda

    Hi again,well after being on Xalacom for a while and after the other eye drops experience I mentioned on May 19th2013;(Lumigan,Travatan,Xalatan)I am back on Travatan since my eye pressure went up again.I am very concern of getting black eyes again,so I learned about Canaloplasty procedure !Can any one tell me about
    results?Does it work in getting the pressure down?No side effects? There is not
    too many Doctors who practice this procedure,so any comments Dr Ari I would
    appreciate .Thanks.

  • ari

    the beta blocker in the drop can lower your already low heart rate and cause you to faint/fall or even get a heart attack/stroke in rare cases. discuss with your internist.

  • Enrique Castaneda

    I was on LUMIGAN first and after two months my eye lids were looking as a
    racoon’s .Black eyes!!!! .Not good! Then,I went for TRAVATAN, same thing!!!
    The Doctor changed me to XALATAN,Perfect,but my eyes pressure went up.
    So I changed to XALACOM ,Great but I just red on Internet that you should not
    go for it if you have: Low heart beat,low blood pressure or hyperthyroid issues.
    HELP DR., What do you suggest ????
    Anyway,how low is Low heart beat.? Mine is most of the time : 48 and my blood
    pressure is 115 over 65. Should I stay away from the only drug that is helping me???
    By the way I am 71 yrs old.
    Thank You.

  • Jack Cates

    I am having problems finding the right combination of drops to control my pressure.
    I used lumigan for about 2 yrs with alphagan. Recently, I have been getting very dizzy while walking. It’s not so bad if I am sitting or running, only walking. It’s getting worse and I have been to 8 specialists this year to eliminate all other possibilities. I have had a cardiologist(2 different ones), Otolarnygologist (ENT), Hematologist, Vascular(2 different ones), Neurologist and internist. I have also had an SLT procedure for both eyes with no appreciable improvement in pressure lowering.
    I have DVR( Deep Vein Reflux) and I am beginning to think my problem is that all the drugs either have beta impact on the hear(outflow control) or the adrenergic agonist(restricts blood vessels) for inflow control. I am thinking these medicines along with my DVR in my arteries are causing me my unsteadiness/dizziness problem. I am not sure what to do and my doctors don”t seem to be able to help either. Are there any drops for controlling pressure that do not restrict the arteries or blood vessels? I need help badly! My last resort is to have a hole lasered into the back of my eye which I would rather not do. Then, I would not have to take any of the medicines to keep my pressure low.


    I have been using LUMIGAN .03% for 5 years- one drop in each eye at night. I have been ordering it from Canada. The exact same name[brand[ LUMIGAN. I get it much cheaper paying out of pocket than my medicare plan pays for here in the states. From Canada the bottles are always 3mg in size instead of the 2.5mg that you can only get here in the states. One drop in each eye once a day requires a 3mg size bottle to last a full month. A 2.5mg size bottle only last about 23 days, and I am quite careful how I use it and I always keep it in the frig. It feels nice and cool when you drop it in. My question is, WHY doesn’t the manufacturer[Allergan] sell the Lumigan in a 3mg size bottle here in the states like they do in Canada??? Like I said ,it is cheaper in Canada plus you get more [enough to last 30 days].