Yeesh! Monocular Trial For Glaucoma Drops Useful After All?

November 14, 2011

Ophthalmolgy: I have read several articles on this subject- whether using one eye as a control is helpful when starting a glaucoma drop, or just put in both eyes. The issue was whether the two eyes really behave the same way, whether fluctation in IOP would make the comparison invalid, etc. I thought it was settled- it didn’t work. Just put in both eyes. Researchers now state that with prostaglandins, it does work. Go figure.




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One Response to “Yeesh! Monocular Trial For Glaucoma Drops Useful After All?”

  • Derek MacDonald

    I agree – go figure. Just heard an interesting presentation on this topic – monocular trials going from standard to discredited, then back to recommended, particularly with the use of PAs. Lack of systemic crossover effects? Other’s thoughts?