Alternate-night Dosing Schedule Effective With Lumigan

October 15, 2011

Researchers noted nearly identical IOP in patients who took Lumigan 0.03% every other night, compared to every night. I have noticed this, too, among my patients who did this out of concern for cost or simply not particularly compliant. For some patients, this may also very well be a good idea for those who have fewer side effects from every-other night dosing. I have switched to Lumigam 0.01% and indeed notice less redness. I will consider going QOD for those insurance plans that don’t cover this concentration.




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2 Responses to “Alternate-night Dosing Schedule Effective With Lumigan”

  • ari

    no harm in trying an alternate day schedule and see how the pressure is.

  • tara

    So, might be the results be the same with travatan or xalatan (that alternate nite dosing would be as effective lowering IOP??) , & make all these drops easier to tolerate eg. reduce, or draw out, side effects like the darkening of the iris, red eyes etc in susceptible patients?