Will Microplasmin Injections Transform Treatment of Vitreomacular Adhesion (Traction) and Macular Hole?

October 9, 2010

Last month, ThromboGenics NV presented the results from the successful microplasmin MIVI-TRUST Phase III program at the EURETINA (European Society of Retina Specialists) Congress in Paris, France (MIVI-TRUST is short for “Microplasmin for IntraVitreous Injection-Traction Release without Surgical Treatment”).

The MIVI-TRUST program is the largest interventional clinical program ever performed to specifically evaluate the vitreoretinal interface in patients with retinal disorders, involving a total of 652 patients at 90 centers across the U.S. and Europe.

The results showed the potential of microplasmin injections to transform the treatment of a range of retinal disorders. Specifically, the Phase III program showed that microplasmin injections:

  • Were successful in resolving vitreomacular adhesion (VMA) (also known as vitreomacular traction)
  • Were able to cure full thickness macular hole (FTMH) without the need for surgery
  • Delivered an improvement in the vision of patients without the need for surgery
  • Were safe and well tolerated; there was no evidence of an increased risk of retinal tear or detachment

Read the full ThromboGenics release here (PDF).




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9 Responses to “Will Microplasmin Injections Transform Treatment of Vitreomacular Adhesion (Traction) and Macular Hole?”

  • ari

    the injection is very safe and worth a try. you can always get surgery later if it doesnt work

  • Nell

    Yesterday I was diagnosed with Vitreomacular Traction OD causing cyst (looks like two black beans on scan). I have since been looking over the info on the Net about it. I, too, like the idea of injections vs. surgery. Will be going to retina specialist the on Oct. 3, 2013. What questions should I bring? This is in Duluth, MN. Will they be up on those injections there? I do not want surgery if there is a simpler option. Many of these comments were from a year or so ago. Is this now becoming the norm for treatment. It freaks me out. I am 58 and didn’t expect something like this yet. Your eyes are the windows to your soul. You only get two and I am very protective of them. Comments are greatly appreciated!

  • jchin

    I would also like to know where I could get MICROPLASMIN treatment, in U.S.A.i.e., Boston Massachusetts.

    I have had 2 macular holes in one eye and my vision is declining again. I am told that the OCT does not show that the macular hole is reopened.

    My current retina MD seems to be unaware of any new experiemental treatments and indicated that surgery is the only treatment option which I have ruled out. I wondered if I now have a macular pucker and if microplasmin treatment will also work.

    I do not believe that this study and the microplasmin treatment is well known.

  • ari


  • DMS

    Ari – Do you know where microplasmin is offered in Colorado?

  • ari

    i believe microplasmin is available anywhere in the u.s.

  • rudolph viquez

    Would like to know where I could get MICROPLASMIN treatmente, in U.S.A.

    If not,if they do it in Argentina or Costa Rica


    R. Viquez

  • ari

    you are mistaken about macular hole surgery- it is often very successful and the data has been published many times in many clinical trials. of course, a simple injection would be preferable!

  • Anil D. Pande

    I have been hoping for the last few years that some kind of break through will come by way of stem cell treatment for people with macular hole. Present day surgical treatment is very complicated and without any confirmed success rate. Hopefully the research carried out by ThromboGenics NV by giving microplasim injection has shown good results for treatment of vitro macular adhesion.However I have not heard any new information subsequent to the news item of 9 oct 2010.Waiting for any new information on the subject.