CME: Standing the Test of Time: Glaucoma Medications — Impact of Preservatives on Safety and Stability

April 13, 2009

The Annenberg Center for Health Sciences is sponsoring a free on-demand webcast designed for ophthalmologists treating patients with glaucoma. The webcast will be available through December 2009.

The program’s overview observes that topical ocular antihypertensives comprise a major therapeutic option in the treatment and prevention of glaucoma. The preservatives in these agents, however, have become a source of concern because of reports that they are associated with long-term ocular surface changes and conjunctival inflammation.

In this multimedia program, the expert panel will provide unbiased evidence-based information on the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of these preservatives – while dispelling currently held misconceptions regarding these factors. In addition, the panel will discuss the impact of preservatives on the effectiveness of the topical antihypertensive they protect from bacterial contamination.

This up-to-date, comprehensive overview will help to better define the role of preservatives in topical ocular antihypertensive therapy, as well as help physicians make better choices in the care of their patients with, or at risk for, glaucoma.

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