LensX Lasers Raises $22.36 Million for Cataract Laser

April 3, 2009

As reported in the Orange County Business Journal, LensX Lasers Inc., a California company that makes laser devices for cataract surgery, has raised $22.36 million in a second round of funding, according to an SEC filing.

LensX is developing a laser that can operate inside the eye in order to make cataract removal safer and more effective. It raised an unspecified first round of funding in 2008.

The company’s founding team is the same group that founded IntraLase Corp., an Irvine-based, venture-backed company that was acquired in 2007 by Advanced Medical Optics (which itself was later acquired by Abbott Laboratories earlier this year).

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2 Responses to “LensX Lasers Raises $22.36 Million for Cataract Laser”

  • I just found this tidbit that appeared in Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today:

    Stephen G. Slade, MD, delivered a presentation at the March 2009 Dulaney Aspen Invitational Refractive Symposium on the femtosecond laser for refractive cataract surgery being developed by LenSx Lasers Inc. (Aliso Viejo, CA). The LenSx laser is designed to liquefy, soften, or chop the nucleus; perform a perfectly sized and centered capsulotomy; and create all corneal incisions.


    I guess I was wrong (at least in it’s first iteration), and the laser IS being developed to do cataract surgery.

    Irv Arons

  • I question that this company is developing a laser for cataract removal.

    It was my understanding that they were developing a femtosecond laser for doing intrastromal ablation, as I wrote in my article on that subject.

    I have contacted the reporter that wrote the story, as well as the company’s president and will get the correct story.

    Irv Arons