Mobile Ophthalmic Surgery Tables from UFSK-OSYS

March 28, 2009

I recently learned about the line of mobile operating tables offered by UFSK-OSYS, which I’m told apparently convert fairly easily from a chair into a stable operating platform. The advantage of this design would seem to be increased case turnaround, patient comfort and safety, while still providing the surgeon with the required access to the treatment area.

The U.S. distributor of the UFSK line of advanced mobile surgery tables, stretchers, chairs and patient transport systems is Visionequip.

Anyone have any experience with using UFSK mobile operating tables?




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2 Responses to “Mobile Ophthalmic Surgery Tables from UFSK-OSYS”

  • How come you are selling the chairs? Are you planning on upgrading them to their newer versions or they do not really serve their purpose?

  • Mary Porfidio RN Surgery Manager

    We bought 8 UFSK chairs in 2006 and they are as advertised. A comfortable automatic chair for pre-op information sharing, easily converting to a comfortable pre-op cart, moving easily into surgery with quick and easy maneuverability, adjustability and stability, then converting into a post-op chair with adjustments for patient comfort. We sold one chair to another facility per a physician request to have it for use in their OR when the surgeon did cases at the other facility. We are currently upgrading our chairs and now have 7 chairs for sale if anyone is interested. There is no warranty, as the manufacturers only offers a 1 year warranty. You can contact me at Whitewater Surgery Center, Richmond, IN 47374 for any inquiries.