Oraya Therapeutics INTREPID Study Demonstrates Two-year Safety and Effectiveness of Non-invasive Therapy for Wet AMD

November 18, 2013

We’ve been following developments concerning Oraya’s IRay Radiotherapy System. The systems consists of a low energy X-ray source that produces a highly collimated narrow beam designed to affect only the target area or lesion, with minimal scatter onto surrounding healthy tissue. A self-contained automated beam positioning system ensures the precise entry of energy into the eye, avoiding critical structures such as the lens and optic nerve. Specialized software ensures accurate treatment planning and precise beam positioning. A proprietary eye stabilization device, working with the beam positioning system, enables precise localization and tracking of the eye.

The latest news is promising. In late September 2013, Oraya announced the two-year results of its INTREPID (IRay Plus Anti-VEGF Treatment for Patients with Wet AMD) study for the treatment of wet age-related macular degeneration using Oraya’s radiotherapy system. The results provided continued evidence of a favorable safety profile, and the therapy’s ability to reduce the frequency of anti-VEGF injections (with patients experiencing up to a 45% mean reduction in anti-VEGF injections through the two-year visit).

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