For Sale: Optos Optimap P-200 Imaging System

November 16, 2012

There is an Optos Optimap P-200 Imaging System for sale. This a bank repossessed instrument that is only 33 months old. This system is complete with the Optos…computer and software. Previous owner owned this system outright so there are no user fees associated with the usage as with many of these units. New owner would also have outright ownership. Optos will provide service as needed to new owner.

Original purchase price was $84,000. Bank attorney has asked to sell this unit for them for $26,000 plus shipping. Unit was fully function when removed from previous owner’s office last week. ┬áPlease email if interested as this unit will sell quickly.
This unit can also be shipped to Europe, Canada,Mexico, and Middle East.

If interested, please contact us.




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