Join the EyeDocNews Patient Community to Exchange Information and Share Experiences Concerning the Latest Treatments for Various Eye Conditions From Dry Eye to Uveitis

July 11, 2012

We are excited to announce the launch of EyeDocNews Community, a new social network that allows individuals affected by eye disease, and their families, caregivers, and physicians, to exchange information and share experiences concerning the latest treatments and therapies for their condition.

We invite you to sign up for your free membership today. Members can start their own discussions, join support groups, and even publish their own personal blogs, thereby providing a wonderful opportunity to network, and engage in dialogue with other individuals who share  their interest in learning more about new treatments for various eye diseases, including macular generation, glaucoma, cataract, and other conditions.

We hope many people will benefit from this new and valuable online resource, and encourage all readers to sign up today.




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