Is There a Treatment for Lattice Degeneration?

June 27, 2012

I’m a 40 year old male with nearsightedness. My ophthalmologist recently sent me to a retina specialist after noticing something different, and the specialist diagnosed lattice degeneration in my right eye.

The condition is asymptomatic, and I was told to return for examinations on an annual basis to monitor.

Was wondering if there are any treatments for asymptomatic lattice degeneration? Any thoughts on options to pursue, or simply monitor? Is there a higher risk of retinal detachment given this condition?

Incidentally, I’ve read about OCT on this blog – would examination with OCT be helpful? Thank you.




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One Response to “Is There a Treatment for Lattice Degeneration?”

  • ari

    lattice is very common- about 10% of population. risk of retinal detachment a little higher, but still quite low. we rarely treat asymptomatic lattice, so just go once a year, and if you see any new flashes/floaters, see ophthalmologist urgently (like by next day). lattice is not worth worrying about. if you need cataract surgery in the future, make sure the lattice is examined prior.