Foundation Fighting Blindness Blog Focuses on Treatments for Retinal Diseases

March 22, 2012

We’d like to recommend as a resource for our readers, Eye on the Cure, the official blog of the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB), a private non-profit that raises funds for research targeting treatments and cures for retinal diseases. Authored by Dr. Stephen Rose, the Foundation’s chief research officer, the blog provides an insider view of the retinal research field, which, over the past decade, has exploded with scientific discoveries and advancements.

Dr. Rose, a renowned expert on retinal research, comments on the latest news, provides useful information in easy-to-understand language and connects readers with valuable resources, including those provided by the Foundation.

Founded in 1971, FFB has raised more than $450 million for research intended to eradicate retinal degenerations, such as retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration, affecting more than 10 million Americans.




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