Researchers Announce New Class of Smart Prosthetic Implants to Provide Oxygen to Retinal Tissue

March 19, 2009

It was announced today on the Insciences Organization website that researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the University of Southern California and the University of Tennessee are developing a procedure that might prevent blindness in millions of people with diseases such as diabetic retionpathy that starve eye tissue and nerves of oxygen.

As described by lead researcher, Dr. Elias Greenbaum, the procedure involves surgically implanting a feedback-controlled three-electrode electrolysis system that stimulates production of oxygen near the retina. The electrodes provide small amounts of current in very short pulses – about 200 microseconds. This results in a rapid production of oxygen and suppressed production of chlorine, which is potentially harmful.

Animal studies of the procedure are underway.

Read the full story on the Insciences Organization website.




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2 Responses to “Researchers Announce New Class of Smart Prosthetic Implants to Provide Oxygen to Retinal Tissue”

  • ari weitzner

    acupuncture has been proven to be no better than placebo. thats the bottom line. an excellent study compared 2 groups of patients (i forget which condition they had. no matter)- half got acupuncture, half got random needles. the patients did not know if they got real acupuncture or the random needles. guess what? no difference in the results between the 2 groups. they both improved a little.

    the telscope has been proven and is now approved. but it’s only good for a small subset of patients, and requires a lot of adaptation.

  • Lorry

    Any info re acupuncture for AMD or diabetic issues related to the macula?

    I’ve been dx’d with diabetes II. (Age 79, also Dx’d: glaucoma & onset AMD.) B/S readings are low and don’t require any meds; controlled by diet and exercise. Have had two issues within the last 6 months and currently that required Kenalog (steriod) injections for edema and leakage in the macula.

    Also, has the telescopic lens surgically implanted to restore vision from AMD proven to be effective?