Trabeculectomy vs. Trabectome

January 9, 2012

Trabectome is an FDA-cleared device for minimally invasive surgical treatment of open angle glaucoma. It safely ablates and removes a 60°-120° strip of trabecular meshwork using a focused electrosurgical pulse and re-establishes access to the eye’s natural drainage pathway.

But is it superior to a traditional trabeculectomy?

In a recent study, trabeculectomy delivered a better IOP (10) than Trabectome (16) with better success rate (76 vs. 22%).

My take is that if your patient has only mild-moderate glaucoma, chances are an IOP of 15 is pretty good. Also, you can always do trab later- so you have nothing to lose (especially if you are in the eye anyway doing phaco).




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4 Responses to “Trabeculectomy vs. Trabectome”

  • ari

    stem cells are taken from the umbilical cord. consult the stem cell section here for legitimate research.

  • Debbie Sparrow

    My 4 year old grandson has non-genetic glaucoma, discovered at the age of 2 1/2. He has had 3 surgeries on each eye and now has valve implants. His doctor at Vancouver Children’s Hospital keeps telling us he will be blind, just a matter of time. Currently his pressures are good at 15-17 with drops only for the right eye. I have heard alot about fetal stem cell treatment for glaucoma. His mom is currently in her first trimester with her 4th child and if this is something we need to prepare for then who do we go to? I understand this is still in trial phase in the US and Canada. Can stem cells taken during the second trimester be kept frozen or something until treatment has been approved or should we think of going to Europe for this?
    waiting to hear.

  • ari

    january’s ophthalmology

  • Michael Schaller

    Good post. Can you tell me which study are you referencing?