PRK Surgery for 13 Year Old Girl?

November 17, 2011

Hi, my daughter is wearing a lens on her right eye only (+5.25), but for the past 6 months she is having pain, discomfort and itching and doesn’t want to wear it anymore, also doesn’t want to wear her glasses. Her ophthalmologist recommends PRK surgery for her, but she is only 13 yrs old. I don’t know if we should go for it or not. Please help me make the right decision for her. Thank You.




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2 Responses to “PRK Surgery for 13 Year Old Girl?”

  • ari

    at age 13, no risk of amblyopia, so i see no need for prk/lasik at this time. if she were younger and at risk for amblyopia, it wouldnt be a bad idea. nothing wrong with her walking around without correction, as long as she sees well with the other eye.

  • Gaurav

    Is the power -5.25 (myopia) or +5.25 (hyperopia)? PRK or any refractive surgery should not be done on any child before she has reached 18-21yrs.