Vascular Abnormalities in Nail Bed Suggestive of Glaucoma

October 31, 2011

A study recently reported in the Archives of Ophthalmology, found that nail bed hemorrhage and loss of nail capillaries were strongly associated with the presence of optic disc hemorrhage in patients with glaucoma.

Researchers studied the characteristics of nailfold capillary changes in patients with glaucoma and analyzed their possible relationship to other clinical characteristics of glaucoma. The researchers concluded that nail bed hemorrhage can thus serve as a clinical marker of optic disc hemorrhage in patients with glaucoma.

Click here to read an abstract of the study.




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2 Responses to “Vascular Abnormalities in Nail Bed Suggestive of Glaucoma”

  • ari

    the timolol in the cosopt could very well be making you tired. ask your doctor.

  • I was diagnosed with closed angle glaucoma in February 2008. I have had laser holes in both eyes. A cataract was removed and drainage put in my right eye in September 2009 (the operation changed my vision from far sighted to near sighted). I have lost a lot of vision in my right eye. In January 2012 a cataract was removed from my left eye (the operation also changed my vision in that eye from far sighted to near sighted). I still have good vision in my left eye. The doctors have now settled on Cosopt (one drop in each eye every morning and one drop in each eye every night) and Travatan (one drop in each eye before going to bed every night). In the last year I have been taking (orally) either Astaxanthin or Super Saffron. My IOP is now usually between 12 – 16. I get tested every four months.
    The most prominent side effects are that I am very tired all the time, my energy level has dropped considerably. A flight of stairs is a challenge. My blood pressure is usually now around 107/62 (sometimes higher and sometimes lower). I have lost over half my hair. My finger nails which used to be well shaped and solid are now brittle, break and peal very easily. My eyes have changed color from hazel to blue with a gold ring around the pupil. The white of my eyes are red and very tired looking and dark smudges under my eyes.