Subconjunctival Steroid Injection Helpful in Scleritis

October 25, 2011

Ophthalmology: When I was a resident, the classic teaching was that subconjunctival injection of steroid in scleritis would pose a risk of scleral melt/perforation and was absolutely contraindicated. Several small studies since then disproved that, and I used it myself a few times with excellent results. A large study confirms the findings in the smaller studies, and considering that it avoids the systemic side effects of steroids, ought to be standard of care.




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2 Responses to “Subconjunctival Steroid Injection Helpful in Scleritis”

  • ari

    it was in this month or last month’s ophthalmology. sorry i cant recall exactly.

  • Very interesting. Can you provide the reference? Thanks in advance.