Repeated Use of Ophthalmic Antibiotics After Intravitreal Injections Promotes Bacterial Resistance

September 19, 2011

A study published in the latest issue of the Archives of Ophthalmology, found that routinely treating patients with ophthalmic antibiotics to suppress infection after intravitreal drug injections promoted resistant bacterial strains.

In the study, ofloxacin 0.3% (Ocuflox), gatifloxacin 0.3% (Zymar), or moxifloxacin HCl 0.5% (Vigamox) or azithromycin 1% (AzaSite) were administered to patients undergoing injections for treatment of choroidal neovascularization. The study found that 81.8% of bacterial isolates cultured up to one year later were resistant to three different antibiotics.

Click here to read an abtract of the study, and click here for a review of the study on MedPage Today.




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