New Smartphone Application Helps The Color-Blind See Colors Like Everyone Else

September 8, 2011

For individuals suffering from color blindness, the new DanKam smartphone application for iPhone and Android costing just $2.99 can help them see “true” colors as everyone else sees them.

As explained by the app developer, Internet security specialist Dan Kaminsky, “DanKam takes the stream of data coming in through the phone’s camera and changes the colors slightly so they fall within the range that people who are color-blind can see.” Kaminsky added that the app can be configured to fit the condition of individual users since not everyone who is color-blind sees things the same.

Click here to read more about the app on CNET, here to read Kaminsky’s blog for the story behind the app (and rave reviews from early users), and here to purchase the DanKam app on iTunes for $2.99.




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