Scientists Identify Genetic Cause of Goldman-Favre Syndrome

September 2, 2011

Goldman-Favre syndrome (a/k/a Enhanced S-cone syndrome), is a retinal condition marked by increased sensitivity to blue light, night blindness, and decreased vision.

A new research report published in The FASEB Journal indicates that the expression of genes responsible for the healthy renewal of rods and cones in the retina was reduced in patients with Goldman-Favre Syndrome. The report further indicates that this defect originates in the photoreceptors themselves.

The researchers opined that this valuable insight into how the eye renews its photoreceptor cells would help identify therapeutic agents that would prevent, ameliorate or possibly cure blinding diseases caused by defective renewal of retinal cells.

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One Response to “Scientists Identify Genetic Cause of Goldman-Favre Syndrome”

  • Vittoria

    My daughter was diagnosed with Goldman-Favre Syndrome in 2005. How and when will these new findings help her.