Patients With Glaucoma Sought for Clinical Trial Underway at Yale School of Medicine to Establish Ability of SOLX Gold Shunt to Reduce IOP

August 16, 2011

The Yale School of Medicine is currently seeking volunteers to participate in a Phase III clinical trial commenced in January 2011 to evaluate the SOLX Gold Shunt for the reduction of intraocular pressue (IOL) in refractory glaucoma where medical and conventional surgical treatments have failed (see our 2009 blog post reporting the approval of the SOLX gold shunt as a treatment for  glaucoma in Canada).

Yale is still recruiting volunteers. Participation in the trial is available to individual 21 years or older (male or female) meeting the following medical criteria:

  • primary open-angle glaucoma
  • refractory glaucoma, with IOP ? 24 mmHg on medications and failed prior incisional glaucoma surgery
  • detectable visual field defect (negative MD score)
  • written informed consent
  • available for up to 24 months follow-up

For further details on the clinical trial, and contact information, click here (government website) or here (Yale website).




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