Cataract Surgery After Corneal Implant and Radial Keratotomy

August 3, 2011

I had radial keratotomy (RK) done in 1980 in both eyes. My eye sight was about 20/30 with glasses. After RK my vision had been stable with glasses, but complications had started in 90s.  I had corneal implant on my left eye in 2000. After corneal implant I became very near sighted (-9.00 contact + glasses).

Now I  am having cataract surgery and assume that new implant lens will replace that-9.00 contact plus my glasses prescription.

Would I see better after my cataract surgery? How much improvement in eye sight is reasonably to be expected?




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2 Responses to “Cataract Surgery After Corneal Implant and Radial Keratotomy”

  • Pat Ebaugh

    I had bilateral RK in 1985. Vision was great until ten years later when I needed readers because the RK doc had overcorrected my right eye. (I have the vanity video he took that shows the blood dripping.) I have had severe dry eye bilateral ever since RK. It is 2015. I had cataract surgery in 2013 in my right eye. That eye is now extremely bothersome with double severe dry eye and vision that can’t be corrected with glasses. Any help here with dry eye or right eye correction? Many thanks

  • ari

    what kind of corneal implant did you have? do you mean transplant?

    because of your cornea, there is a chance the implant power will be wrong, and you may need to replace it. a few surgeons use the ORange, which can determine your prescription while you are having the surgery- this way, if it’s wrong, the surgeon can replace it right then and there.

    because your corneas are abnormal, there is a decent chance that you wont see well after the surgery w/o glasses-it depends on how much astigmatism you have. you may very well need to wear glasses or contacts to get optimal vision.
    yours is a tricky case. you probably should get a second opinion regarding what implant to get (an astigmatic implant may be of benefit?)