What Are The Treatment Options for NAION?

August 2, 2011

My brother-in-law has been diagnosed with NAION (Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy) in both eyes. The first eye problem resulting in NAION was 18 months ago. 2 weeks ago the unthinkable happened – the second eye is now involved.  My research leads me to believe there is no treatment for this condition.

Are there clinical trials currently being conducted for treatment of NAION. If so, where? 

Who is considered the authority for this condition? 

I would appreciate your help regarding guidance concerning treatment of NAION.




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4 Responses to “What Are The Treatment Options for NAION?”

  • JP Singh

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  • David Ash

    Ask your brother-in-law if he has ever taken Cialis. There is a lot of early research linking his condition to Cialis, especially if he has taken it for as long as six months.
    Google links to this condition and you will find a plethora of supporting documentation.

  • Dr. Ari Weitzner

    Good news – just learned of a resource to locate clinical trials addressing NAION.

    First navigate to:


    Then search the clinical trials database for trials covering NAION.

    For example, I found this one which will run through 2013:


  • ari

    naion is not treatable. bilateral involvement is not unusual. in the future, stem cell treatment may be of benefit. i am not aware of any treatment trial- i am very sorry.