Using Mirtogenol to Treat Glaucoma

July 6, 2011

I have a patient that wants to try a natural supplement, mirtogenol (bilberry + pycnogenol) in place of xalatan to control glaucoma.

Apparently,  there has been an article in Clinical Ophthalmology comparing the IOP reduction  obtain as a result of using mirtogenol as opposed to xalatan.

The article also claims that mirtogenol is additive to xalatan.

I would appreciate any feedback.




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8 Responses to “Using Mirtogenol to Treat Glaucoma”

  • Joanna Torcasio

    My doughter has no vision on her left eye, but she has a very high pressure and the Dr , think the only and best thing is to take the eye out, at this stage I’m looking for any help ,or sugestion or treatment , to save her eye.

  • ari

    i am not familiar with those meds. sorry. they dont sound like fda-approved.

  • James DuVall

    I have open angle Glaucoma; in one eye I use Xalatan drops, but my vision is getting worse. Can I use Tumeric (Curcumin) and/or Mirtogenol with or without
    Xalatan? I am 85 yrs of age, female and in relatively good health.


  • Bernie

    I have Glaucoma on one eye , and had four different drops,what had to much side effects.So I try Mirtogenol now for 5 months and need new glasses , because my bad eye is better in wide sighting . But I also take Pycnogenol for four years, 200 mg a day, additional w/o any side effects .I think I can say , it is working.

  • George Goh

    Can mirtogenol be used together with lumigan?


  • Rosa

    I think this product is worth trying. All natural seems to take a little longer but without all the side-effets as drugs.


  • ari

    i just found and read the article. it actually looks pretty good. may be worth trying. takes 24 weeks to work instead of 4 for xalatan.

  • ari

    clinical ophthalmology is not considered a top journal-i never heard of it. so i cant comment on the quality of the research printed there.

    no respectable ophthalmologist would rely on a natural supplement instead of standard medications; at the most, we would add it.