Toric IOL and Cataract Surgery

June 28, 2011

What is the outcome for patients who have Toric IOL replacement for cataract and would like to have one eye corrected for distance vision and the other eye corrected for near vision. Does this create a problem? Headaches, compromised depth perception, or any other problems? What is the success rate?




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6 Responses to “Toric IOL and Cataract Surgery”

  • ari

    i dont understand. you had the toric lens removed which gave you distance vision, and replaced it so you can see nearer, a few feet away? so why do you say you no longer have the close up vision as you did before??

  • Richard Ulrich

    Recently I had the toric lens removed and a new one put in which allows me to have better vision at a few feet away and allows my other dominate eye to take over and see at distances. Still mono vision since I have to depend on the left eye to take over at distances. I no longer have the real close up vision as I did before, but I can wear reading glasses for that. I wish though I had clear vision at a distance when I closed my dominate eye, but it has only been a week and the Doctor said it will get better. It is still blurred at the distance, but not as bad as before, plus this time the other eye does correct it.
    We shall see.

  • ari

    a regular (or toric) implant only gives you good vision at 1 distance. anything beyond or closer than that will be blurred. so if you have decent vision at around 2 feet, then anything beyond that is blurred. this is why some people buy premium lenses like restor or crystalens- they want more range and want to see better at different distances. but you are not a good candidate for that, since those lenses work well only if done in both eyes. also, post-lasik eyes can be tricky. so your surgeon was right not to implant them.
    if you want to see distance in the right eye, put on a pair of glasses. take them off when you want to read. problem solved.

  • Richard Ulrich

    I had the toric lens implant and had the mono vision because of astigmatism. This was my right eye. Prior to my surgery this eye was a little cloudy at distance but I could still see at distances and for reading I had cheap over the counter glasses. 2.0 optics. Mainly because of lasik several years before. My left eye has a small cataract, but I see at distance and close up. Surgery was one week ago and now I can see with the mono vision (very close up) But past a couple of feet, if that much, it is all blurry. I am not happy at all. My right eye now is basically worthless.
    What can they do to correct this problem.
    The doctor is well rated Dallas surgeon.

  • Lorraine

    I’ve had this done over a year ago…very successful. Only require glasses for driving to accommodate the eye with the near vision (monovision) lens.
    FYI I’m 80 yo.

  • ari

    your question is relevant regardless of toric or not. toric lenses give you better uncorrected vision, for they address the astigmatism.

    you are asking about monovision, and the success rate is very high. there may be slight loss of depth perception, or maybe headache if you cannot tolerate the imbalance, but again, vast majority of patients are happy. most of the time we aim for about -1.5 in the non-dominant eye–this gives good computer distance vision.