Toric Lens Options for Astigmatism

June 27, 2011

I have worn a single +4 contact lense in my right eye for over 15 years. I am now struggling with a cataract. After biometry prior to lens replacement my surgeon was surprised to see that I have quite severe astigmatism. I want to end up with an implant so I can read without glasses (as I do at the moment with my contact lense) but am concerned that a toric lens will be the answer. The reason I say this is because for 15 years I have had no problem using the +4 contact and had no idea I had astigmatism in that eye. Any advice enormously appreciated.




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One Response to “Toric Lens Options for Astigmatism”

  • ari

    1. you need to repeat corneal topography a few weeks after discontinuing contact lens- the contact lens will give you all kinds of weird numbers when you do the topography. compare the topography with old topography- if there is indeed a big change, you may have keratoconus.
    2. you wear +4 for reading in this eye? if so, and you have astigmatism, implant a toric lens that will leave you about -3.00, so that you can read comfortably at about a foot and a half from your face.