A Potential Breakthrough in the Treatment of Glaucoma: Implant May Change Paradigm of Treatment

June 21, 2011

In a news release on June 14th, pSivida announced the commencement of a Phase I/II clinical trial to study a new bioerodible drug delivery implant for the treatment of glaucoma and hypertension. The implant is designed to provide long-term sustained release of latanoprost, one of the new class of prostaglandin analogs. The drug delivery implant, based on the company’s Durasert technology system, will be injected into the subconjunctival space in the eye (between the sclera and the lower lid), be bioerodible and is expected to deliver its drug for a period of months.

If successful, this implant would solve the problems of non-compliance, the inability by some to administer the drops and, depending on its price, perhaps address the increasing glaucoma medication cost issues.

To read more about this potentially breakthrough technology, please follow this link.




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