Eye Allergy Symptoms Alleviated by Acuvue and CIBA Dailies with Enhanced Lubricating Agents

June 22, 2011

A new study shows that certain contact lenses may provide relief for those whose seasonal allergies affect their eyes.

The study compared two disposable daily lenses, CIBA Dailies Aquacomfort Plus (made from the material called Nelfilcon A), and Acuvue (made from the material called Etafilcon A).  The materials themselves are manufactured by different companies but are functionally the same.  The CIBA Dailies have an added lubricating agent in the contact lens.

Subjects were exposed to conditions that would mimic a “very high pollen-count” day while wearing either of the two contact lenses or no contact lenses (as a control).  The severity of burning, stinging and redness was reduced with the CIBA Dailies Aquacomfort Plus, and the duration of overall symptoms was reduced.  The Acuvue lenses reduced the swelling of blood vessels, tissue irritation, and roughness of the eye surface.

For the study abstract, click here.

Risa Schulman, PhD
Expert, Healthy Food and Dietary Supplement Science, Marketing and Regulatory




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