Should Diamox Be Given Routinely After Cataract Surgery?

April 22, 2011

Dr. Chen, from Seattle, has reported a reduction of pressure spikes from 60% to 20% in those patients who were given one dose of Diamox. Perhaps we should be giving this routinely in all patients with susceptible optic nerves, as it is doubtful these pressure spikes have any permanent effect in normal eyes.




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2 Responses to “Should Diamox Be Given Routinely After Cataract Surgery?”

  • ari

    well-done phaco has been shown to be safe on the cornea and no effect on the optic nerve or retina. in the third world, small incision ecce has been shown to be superior to phaco! but thats because cataracts there are very dense.

  • In my formation as an Ophthalmologist, we used to give timolol and diamox previously and after eecc surgeries. I usually saw great outcomes. Need to make an study to see effects in phaco surgeries, but anyway we need not to underestimate the manipulation and ultrasound effects on retina and optic nerves.