Opt-Align from Stereo Optical Helps Diagnose Computer Vision Syndrome and Prescribe Treatment

March 17, 2011

The Stereo Optical Company of Chicago has announced that it will unveil the Opt-Align vision testing machine at Vision Expo East in New York City, now running March 18-20 at the New York Jacob Javits Convention Center. The machine is designed to diagnose Computer Vision Syndrome – an increasingly common condition plaguing heavy computer users that has been blamed for headaches, eye strain, fatigue and blurred vision — a group of symptoms often referred to as asthenopia.

As explained in Stereo Optical press release last month, new research from Illinois College of Optometry (ICO) links symptoms associated with asthenopia (i.e., headache, dry eye, eye fatigue, and eye strain) to a disparity between the patient’s accommodative and convergence points; that is, the difference between where a patient’s eyes focus and where they actually converge.

Opt-Align™ evaluates this disparity, and helps determine the appropriate treatment and lens prescription by assessing: fixation disparity, eye misalignment and the amount of horizontal and vertical prism required to resolve symptoms. Opt-Align™ test methods combined with appropriate corrective lenses can greatly reduce/eliminate patient symptoms.

Click here to access the full press release.




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