New Radiation Treatment for AMD Starts Trial in UK

March 14, 2011

Oraya Therapeutics recently announced that its 20-minute non-invasive procedure called “IRay”, which delivers precise low energy radiation to the eye structures affected by wet AMD (about the same amount of radiation as a dental x-ray), is being used as part of a clinical trial at King’s College Hospital in London.

If proved to be a success, the IRay will help reduce the need either partially or entirely for eye injections to treat AMD.

Preliminary evidence suggests that the IRay can close the blood vessels that cause loss of vision. Treatment occurs in a clinic, eradicating the need for surgery. Patients sit at the machine with their chin placed on a chin rest. A contact lens is then placed on the surface of the eye to help maintain eye position and tracking. A robot tracks any eye movement and maintains stability, so that the controlled dose of radiation can be precisely delivered. As noted, the total dose of radiation is similar to a dental x-ray.

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