Using QLT091001 to Treat Retinitis Pigmentosa

March 1, 2011

I’m in search of news regarding traditional medicine to be used as a treatment to RP. In that connection I read a couple of articles about QLT091001, but have a couple of other questions in that connection which I hope you could answer:

1) Will this medicine have potential to treat all kind of retinitis pigmentosa or is it limited to certain genes?
2) In what phase of trials is this medicine, and when (best guess) will it come to the market?
3) What kind of effect will QLT091001 have on RP patients. Ex will it slow/stop/or improve the process of the disease?
4) If it has good effect, does the person with RP have to use it continuously or will it be a cure for a certain period of time?

Hope you can answer my questions, and I’m looking forward to your reply.




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2 Responses to “Using QLT091001 to Treat Retinitis Pigmentosa”

  • Josh

    Great news for sufferers of retinitis pigmentosa and other retinal diseases – the Argus II device that has helped blind patients regain vision was approved for sale in Europe. See our writeup at:

  • ari

    im afraid i do not have more information than can be gleaned from a google search of the medical literature- sorry.