Breakthrough in Using Stem Cells to Treat Retinitis Pigmentosa

February 25, 2011

Ophthalmology Times: Seven blind patients (retinitis pigmentosa) were injected with stem cells in a study by Dr. Francis at the Oregon Health and Science University. The cells were tolerated and not rejected. One patient noticed a small increase in light sensitivity. This is a good first step. As you can see, stem cell therapy is a long way off from giving patients useful vision, but at least we are on the right track. By the way, these stem cells were injected via a surgical vitrectomy and injected under the retina. Stem cell centers which promise vision by injecting via theĀ  retrobulbar route are selling an unproven therapy in my professional opinion. As I have said many times, I urge patients who want to try stem cells to seek out well-respected university settings and volunteer for studies.




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16 Responses to “Breakthrough in Using Stem Cells to Treat Retinitis Pigmentosa”

  • Chandana

    I am happy to hear that RP can be cured by stem cell. I suffer from retintis pigmentosa. I much feel happy to pave the way to cure it. Thanks. from Sri Lanka

  • barbara anderson

    I have read a new stem cell treatment for retinitis pigmentosa by Dr Stephen Levy in Florida. This is the most positive treatment I have seen so far. What you know about this and your opinion. Thanks Barbara

  • ari

    many, many years away until a cure

  • Carmen De Leon

    Please let me know if a cure is developed. My husband has been losing his eye sight since 2006, he is 54 years old. I wish there was surgery or treatment available.

  • ari

    that kind of vision is many years away. please look into the stem cell section here for more info about trials.

  • Gaurav Jogi

    Its nice to see some positive output seen! I would like to ask whether it is curable to the extent that the person can aleast read & write so that they can start working and earn their livelihood. My brother is having this diesease and is not able to read or write. pls give me a reply. & Can you provide some information on how to participate in trials?

  • ari

    i have no data. please consult with a world-class eye hospital

  • Swathi

    My mom has RP and has totally lost her sight. Pls let us know when the treatment is available

  • Dr. Ari Weitzner

    your story is saddening- i wish i could offer more encouragement. at the least, do not waste your precious money on things that dont work and that are designed simply to take your money away- there are many evil people out there who are happy to take advantage of you.

  • steve

    i wish there was hope soon im losing my eye sight and theres nothing i can do about it.
    ive now got a baby girl and need to be there for her furture, how am i to protect her her if im blind????
    ill try any thing!!
    regards steve

  • ari

    as i have stated many times, stem cell treatments will not be available to the public for many many years. we are still in the very early stages.

  • saravanan

    Really an happy news for me my father also suffering from retinal pigmentosa when the treatment will be available in india
    Please reply me sir

  • Eriola

    I hope all these studies to make rp curable!

  • Eriola

    I hope that rp will be cureable in the future!

  • HEBA


  • abbessi abdelbaki

    hi, i’m happy to hear that there’s a hope for people with retinitis pigmentosa. i have two boys with retinitis pigmentosa and i need help to treat them.