Seeing Double After Crystalens Implant and Cataract Surgery

February 12, 2011

I had cataract surgery at the same time I had my doctor put in a Crystalens implant. It’s been one month since surgery and I still see double. My doctor told me to give it more time.

Is this normal? If he adds a .5 magnifier to that eye I can see clear. I asked if he put the right implant in but all I got was he didn’t do anything wrong. Can you help me understand what’s going on with my eyesight.




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2 Responses to “Seeing Double After Crystalens Implant and Cataract Surgery”

  • Hyacinth Johnson

    I am feeling somewhat cheated since I paid all that mo ey to have the type of wide range vision that was advertised with crystalens and I too have been experiencing g double vision since the implants. It has been 2 months for o e eye and and a mo th and a half for the other eye. My surgeon has given me eye exercises to do for 12 weeks but is not really address the double vision. If I squint the vision gets better. I really feel like something is wrong but font know what to do.

  • ari

    if the 0.5 magnifier removes the double vision, then its not really double vision- its a blur, and it means the power of the implant is off by 0.5. this can happen, as the calculations for the implant are not fool-proof. you may very well need some laser correction to get rid of the blur if it really bothers you. i would advise a second opinion at this point.