What is Treatment for an Eye Freckle Found With Optomap Retinal Exam?

February 11, 2011

I was just told I have an eye freckle using optomap. Could you tell me if there are new lasers like the Ellex 2RT Laser that would someday treat this condition if it turns into something worse?

Is the optomap acceptable with an optometrist or should I go to an ophthalmologist next year?




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3 Responses to “What is Treatment for an Eye Freckle Found With Optomap Retinal Exam?”

  • ari

    i didnt mean to sever the relationship. since malignant change can sometimes be subtle- a little subretinal fluid may be the sign- i think an ophthalmologist should follow the freckle. however, the patient can and should remain with his current optometrist for routine care. i dont feel strongly about this, however- chances are, the optometrist can follow the nevus without a problem.

  • Unless you had a problem with your previous doctor, I see no reason to switch. Your current doctor has a baseline image to compare with in the future. If the “freckle” changes he/she will be able to spot this easily and refer to a surgeon. For you to sever your relationship with your current doctor seems harsh to me – especially since this condition progresses rarely (see comment above).

  • ari

    optomap is simply a camera that takes very wide angle photos. the freckle should be monitored yearly- i think an ophthalmologist should be doing this. we don’t treat freckles (we call them choroidal nevi) unless they turn malignant (very rare), and we then use radiation or rarely, we remove the eyeball. but please dont lose any sleep on this. nevi are very common, and malignancy is rare-i saw only 1 case in 20 years. But as noted, I recommend consulting an ophthalmologist.