QLT Announces Phase II Clinical Trial Results for the Olopatadine Punctal Plug Delivery System

February 9, 2011

QLT’s Olopatadine Punctal Plug Delivery System (O-PPDS) is a sustained and controlled release drug delivery system that utilizes the puncta to house a drug-eluting device. The goal is to enable delivery of a variety of drugs to the eye over time through sustained release to the tear film.

QLT has been performing Phase II proof-of-concept clinical trials of the O-PPDS as a treatment for allergic conjunctivitis. Today, QLT announced that data from the trials demonstrated that there were no significant differences noted between the O-PPDS and placebo-PPDS subjects with respect to reduction in the signs and symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis with both cohorts showing similar improvements. Internal study controls, including the olopatadine (Patanol(R)) and placebo eye drop cohort responses, also failed to confirm the model’s efficacy relative to the trial design.

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