Childhood Glaucoma Social Network Established

February 2, 2011

For people affected by childhood glaucoma, there is now a way to reach out using the internet.  The Congenital Glaucoma Network opened its “doors” January 18, 2011 as a social network for caretakers, parents and adults coping with the disease.  The site hopes to be a place for  information (signs and symptoms, forms of childhood glaucoma), support (online chat with doctors), connection (blogging, photos, vidoes) and inspiration (success stories), while also increasing awareness in the general public.

While glaucoma is the second most prevalent cause of blindness in the world, congenital glaucoma is very rare, affecting about 1 in 10,000 children born in the US.

To connect to the Congenital Glaucoma Network, click here.

Risa Schulman, PhD
Expert, Healthy Food and Dietary Supplement Science, Marketing and Regulatory




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