Diaton Tonometer For Measuring Intraocular Pressure Through Eyelid Approved by Mexico Ministry of Health

March 3, 2009

BiCOM Inc., has announced that its advanced trans-scleral Diaton tonometer has been approved by Mexico’s Ministry of Health. As explained on BiCom’s website, “diaton tonometry” is a unique approach to measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) through the eyelid in connection with the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. The pen-like, hand-held, portable tonometer requires no contact with the cornea, no anesthesia, and no sterilization.

BiCOM recommends the Diaton tonometer as a solution in the following cases when the use of other devices is problematic or impossible:

  • mass prophylactic screening of patients;
  • IOP control during clinical observation of glaucoma patients;
  • ortoclinostatical probe, as an additional test to diagnose glaucoma and during select the adequate hypotensive therapy;
  • ophthalmotone monitoring (even at night time);
  • IOP measuring during contact correction (lenses are not taken out),
  • IOP measuring in immobilized patients;
  • IOP measuring in children;
  • IOP measuring on patients with the following conditions: chronic conjunctivitis, cornea pathology, including keratitis, keratotone, cornea dimness, after penetrating keratoplastics, keratoprosthesis, laser refractive correction of the eyesight, high degree of ametropy, astigmatism;
  • IOP measuring on patients with medicinal allergies;
  • Lasik/ LASEK / PRK (recent clinical trials have proved that Diaton is the only device that can be used for IOP measurement right after these surgeries)

Diaton tonometer comparison clinical trials and video are available on BiCOM’s website.




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