Bilateral codes- help!

March 2, 2009

I recommend you take a good look at the EOMB you get back from the insurance carrier, and make sure you are getting paid appropriately for bilateral procedures. It can drive you to drink, but carriers will differ on how they want the procedure billed- some want -RT and -LT and on separate lines; some want you to use the E codes (E1-E4 for each lid); others want the -50 modifier. You will have to figure out, sometimes by trial and error as many carriers refuse to divulge to you how to bill appropriately ( I love that one- they tell me it’s not their job to explain to me how to bill. “But wouldn’t it just save a lot of time if you just told me now exactly how you want it billed?” ” No- sorry- against policy!” [slam!!]) Once you know the “secret” for each carrier, make a note of it for future reference and bill accordingly.

This is one of the reasons I gave up billing and out-sourced it to a third party. Let those guys track this nonsense- I’ve had it!




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