Eye Safety Tips for the Holidays

December 10, 2010

Bausch + Lomb recently issued a press release offering tips for child eye safety during the holiday season.

Dr. Sean Donahue, noted pediatric ophthalmologist and a member of the advisory council for Bausch + Lomb’s Early Vision Institute, said parents should be alert for the following potential holiday eye hazards:

  • Christmas tree protrusions and holiday decorations that may poke or scratch children’s eyes, including pine needles, branches, ornament hooks, lights and breakable bulbs, pose a risk.
  • Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowmobiling and even snowball fights all pose risks of eye trauma, and parents should require that children wear goggles to protect their eyes while engaging in these activities.
  • Toys with sharp pieces and toys with projectiles such as guns, rockets and slingshots, may harm children’s eyes and should only be used under adult supervision.
  • Fireplaces or other open flames such as candles should be kept out of the reach of curious children, as they can drip or splatter hot wax and burn children’s eyes if they get too close.

Read the full press release here.




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