Will Light Adjustable Lens (LAL®) From Calhoun Vision Revolutionize Cataract Surgery?

December 7, 2010

Yesterday, Vision Rejuvenation Victoria, a Canadian leader in advanced cataract and refractive lens exchange surgery, announced that it had become the first eyecare centre in Canada to implant the Light Adjustable Intraocular Lens from Calhoun Vision.

The Calhoun Vision LAL® Light Adjustable Lens is a technology used during cataract surgery that allows an implanted intraocular lens to be adjusted to a patient’s ideal individual visual requirements after implantation through the safe, fast and non-invasive application of light.

Reader can learn more about the technology on the Calhoun Vision website. The technology has not yet been approved for sale in the United States. Clinical trials were begun in January 2009 to prove safety and effectiveness.

Read the full press release about the technology’s use in Canada.




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25 Responses to “Will Light Adjustable Lens (LAL®) From Calhoun Vision Revolutionize Cataract Surgery?”

  • Bshan

    Where in Canada LAL lens get implanted? I am from Toronto if any one knows, please let us know. Thanks

  • shan

    I am 65 and I have cataract in both eyes. Left eye 20/200, right eye 20/40. Moderately dry eyes and allergies to many things. Eye pressure is good and no retinal issues so far. I heard LAL lens helps the presbyopia as well with a good distance vision. Do I need to do the cataract surgary in both eyes or I can wait for another year to do the right eye. Does Lal implant for cataract needs laser surgery? Thanks

  • shan

    I am looking for a cataract surgan (In Toronto,Canada)who is familier with the implant of the LAL lens. The information will be gratly appriciated.

  • ari

    never heard of horror fusionist. its not a medical term. not sure what you mean.
    if her symptoms are due to torn iris, the iris may be able to be repaired if not too extensive. if she has an anterior chamber lens, i dont think she is candidate for iris implant.
    she needs to see a world-class surgeon.

  • Tracy Lenz

    My daughter had a cataract at 10 months old due to a rxn to ABX. Had cataract removed at age 1 (1993). Always wore a contact and glasses with bi-focal for that eye. At age 8 (2001) was unable to wear a contact due to eye shape change (egg shaped). So the “new” technology of a child lens implant was preformed. It is an anterior lens due to no viscous material left to cradle it. They also tore her pupil during her surgery. Has had a muscle surgery also since implant and now we have her eyes aligned perfectly, too perfect. Now she has been DX with horror fusionist. Yes, a true case (rare). Has tried prisms, and colored lens to block the torn part of her pupil. Do you think a calhoun lens would help her. The “horror” of this is very bad for her, double, triple vision. VERY bad headaches. Or could you put us in contact with one of the Canadian eye doctors to talk to?