Does the Bag-in-the-Lens IOL Work?

November 18, 2010

A recent article looked at whether a complicated and tricky way of implanting an IOL would allow for accommodation. It involves making a posterior rhexis, then inserting a special IOL with no haptics, but designed with a groove around the optic. The anterior and posterior rhexes are stretched over the optic onto the groove. So the IOL is suspended and held in place by the rhexes. The idea is that somehow, this will allow forward movement of the IOL during contraction of the ciliary body. Well, the results are in and researchers found that the bag-in-the-lens IOL showed no accommodative or near visual advantage over a conventional in-the-bag IOL, despite its unique capsular fixation method. Personally, I thought the whole thing seemed too far-fetched.




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