Is Accepting Insurance A Bad Business Model?

October 11, 2010

For those of us who still accept insurance, we really have to admit it’s a bad business model and one we would never adopt a priori. They basically pay us less and less to see more and more patients. We have to pay very good money for claims submission software/hardware/personnel, they often take too long to pay, and they reject claims that need to be resubmitted, often for no good reason. I wonder how bad it has to get before we all refuse to accept insurance en masse- then, finally, we’ll have some leverage and things will improve. But as long as the government is trying to cover more and more people, and we all know there is not enough money in the system, we will continue to work harder and harder for less money. Not so long ago, we doctors got paid upfront in cash and the patient submitted their bills. No accounts payable for us. No fancy computers to submit claims. No personnel to monitor payments. We need to go back to that somehow. Hopefully(!) things will get so bad that we doctors will stop accepting insurance, like many of us do with Medicaid, and things will turn around




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2 Responses to “Is Accepting Insurance A Bad Business Model?”

  • Dr. Ari Weitzner

    hi tulier family!

    i am utterly humbled by your kind words. it has been an honor and pleasure to take care of you- i say that with all honesty and sincerity. mr. tulier, i am so happy that your surgery went well and you are seeing well.

    you can reach me at my manhattan office at 212-628-2323. feel free to call the brooklyn number, too- 718-256-2222 (we moved to kings highway). thankfully, carol is still working with me.

  • Tulier family

    Dear Dr Ari Weitzner,

    You are an exceptional MD. You gave my husband the gift of sight and we are so grateful. Our youngest daughter also was your patient and you have provided the best medical care. My daughter is coming in from DC and wondering if you accept United Health Care.

    Many thanks for the incredible work you do. We would be willing to go to your telephone number 718 438 3185

    Sonia, Esdras and Idalia Tulier