Is Stem Cell Therapy Available to Treat Retinopathy of Prematurity?

July 28, 2010

I would like to konow if there is any self stem cell therapy available for retinopathy of prematurity? My six year old son has lost complete vision due to ROP (stage 5) in both eyes in his third month. I am living in India.




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41 Responses to “Is Stem Cell Therapy Available to Treat Retinopathy of Prematurity?”

  • salim

    I had my premature twins 16 years ago. They were diagnosed of ROP after three months.i went with them to Klinikum Germany in a town called gottengun. They were indeed treated with one eye only.Now they have walking vision.I helped them with magnifying aids which i found cheaper in U.S.A. Now they go to ordinary school with their computers and magnifiers. Visit . Dont loose hope,they are our children and we want the best for them…………

  • Lou david

    Thanks for the reply…will do more research.. God bless!

  • ari

    stage 5 has a very poor prognosis, im afraid. there is a lot of info on the internet, but a 2nd opinion is the best way to get info.

  • Lou david

    Hi I have a 7 month premature baby delivered last October 19,2011 and had diagnosed ROP january 25, 2012 in his left eye and right eye will have a great chance to be ok.. the dr said that it’s on stage 5.. I am so scared we are scheduled to visit a retina specialist in Makati City Philippines to get second opinion and get educated regarding to this problem..I really need your help and some advice from parents out there that have this same situation.

  • ari

    if you are a wealthy man with money to burn, then go. otherwise, you are paying a lot of money that has ZERO record of published success in legitimate medical journals. why would you believe them if they tell you it works? why dont they publish their data in respected medical journals like the rest of humanity? personally, i would never do it for my son. your only option is to look into world-class eye institutions where real scientific clinical trials are underway and who publish their data in legitimate respected medical journals.

  • Kapil Soni

    I am from India and have 1 and 1/2 year old son suffering form ROP 5 in both eyes. He got treatment at Shanker Netralya, Chennai (INDIA). He have light perception only. I received mail from Beike Biotech (China). They told me that they have stem cell treatment for my son. I mailed my son’s report and after few days get their reply. They told me to get ready to visit China. I want to know realty. Is there any stem cell treatment available in China and if available then is it successful? Please give your Precious advice. Thanks.

  • Kapil Soni

    Hello, I have 1 year and 4month old baby boy suffering from ROP 5 in both eye. He got treatment from Shanker Netralya, Chennai. He has only light sensitivities. I receive mail from Beike Biotech some days earlier. They wrote that they have stem cell therapy for ROP and asked me to mail my Son’s report. I receive their call and they told me to get ready to visit China. But I am not confident about this treatment. Can somebody help me about the realty? Is there any stem cell therapy available in China? Is there any success of this treatment? I am very confused. Please help me.

  • Syed Sameer Haider

    My daughter was born Premature in seven month. she was perfectly al right but after three weeks she had meningitis. and due to access of oxygen she had the problem of ROP. we came to know when she was 4 months old that she is ROP affected. now its stage five. she is operated once by a very good doctor in Pakistan. he said yet stem cells and chip technology is being worked out and within two to three years we will have this technology avaialable In pakistan. My Friends i have tried UK Moorefield hospital but they have no cure for ROP yet. But I am sure and confident that our children will be cured in time to come but pls keep on trying like i am doing. these days i am trying America and Singapore for same developments.
    If i have some positive feed whoch i know i will have i will share this with you all.
    for any details i have given my email address you can get details from me.

  • Raja

    Hi Every One
    We are from Hyderabad-India and I’m father twin baby girls aged 4 yrs, elder one is affected with ROP stage 5, by time it was diagnosed it was too late for Laser treatment and we have got operated at Shankar nethralaya-Chennai, but surgery was not successfully.

    Just we are hoping on Stem cell treatment at China.

  • ari weitzner

    there are no special glasses. just regular glasses to correct the myopia/astigmatism

  • my 4 year old son was born with stage 5 retinopathy of prematurity in both his eyes. i heard of glasses that may help. Can anyone advise?

  • ari weitzner

    please see the category on our blog related to stem cell therapies.

    to my knowledge, there is no scientific proof that stem cell treatment can help rop or any retina disease.
    avastin and laser have been proven to help many eye diseases. the results are published in reputable journals. To my knowledge, there are no articles published about the effectiveness of stem cells, even though many centers have been doing it for years. If anyone can point me to an article, I’d appreciate it.

    i dont understand what treatment you are getting twice a year for your child. The accepted treatment for rop is surgery: laser/cryo and sometimes vitrectomy/scleral buckle.

  • Vasanth

    my baby boy was born premature and had retinopathy of prematurity 5th stage, we found that problem after 4 months later from birth. tried maximum solutions, but till now nothing happened, currently i have 2 options:

    1.The Ayurvedic Eye hospital (SREEDHAREEYAM) – specially for eye related diseases, Kerala, India. from my side its really useful, they were giving the hope that at least they can rectify more than 50% of ROP, but min 3 to 6years, my son had both eyes problem, we are having a treatment there yearly twice.

    2. Stems Cell Therapy for Eye Disease (for eye diseases such as macular degeneration, but not sure for ROP related). they were giving hope that 40 to 60% curable, but not sure for improvement in vision,i’ve mailed them related my baby issues, he had a chance to cure, but no guarantee, it will cost around $27,000 US.

    these details are not sure, just i’m sharing my eye research for the benefit of other affected people like my son. if anybody finds the above is really useful or is aware of any other options, please inform me also, i will try for my son.

  • nermin

    i have a son who was born premature and had retinopathy of prematurity. During my search i came across site for Beike Biotech, which is involved in the development and commercialization of adult stem cell therapies. They already have tried doing stem cell treatments for ROP kids but i don’t know how far developed they are they. On their site they have several blogs for kids who undergone stem cell treatments.

  • behtash

    Hello. I am 34 years old. When I was 6 years old my right eye was damaged by trauma and after that retinopathy, glaucoma and cataract were found in my eye. I would like to know if there is any stem cell therapy available for retinopathy of maturity? thanks.

  • ari

    yes- let us hope research will yield fruit soon, but i dont think we’ll have anything for awhile.

  • mostafa elbehairy

    I’m from Egypt I have a child 8 years old were injured retinopathy of prematurity and look for any hope of healing and I have sure that God will be there a cure for such assignments soon

  • Josh

    Since this post appeared, there have been subsequent posts on this site directing readers to online resources concerning stem cell research and treatments for eye diseases and other conditions:

    Check these out:

  • rk thakur

    I have a 3 month old baby suffering from retinopathy of prematurity stage 5. The doctors are saying there is no hope, but we are still trying. The baby is presently undergoing treatment at sankar netralaya chennai. I too am from India, I am an air force officer, I am looking for feedback from other parents on how they have handled raising a child with ROP. I am optimistic about stem cell treatment for ROP in coming years.

  • ari weitzner

    i am so sorry, but there is no stem cell treatment for anything inside the eye. stem cells have only been helpful for some surface disease. do not waste money on any stem cell treatment for rop. sorry.

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