What Are Treatment Options for a Patient With Optic Nerve Damage?

July 11, 2010

I have optic nerve damage in both eyes. My left eye is 20/400 and my right eye is 20/200. I also have field vision loss in both eyes, but I can move around fairly well, my question is why can’t technology design eyewear that can take the parts of my good vision and spread it across my field to use the parts of my nerves that still see. Either using special ground eyewear or computer aided artifical vision.




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11 Responses to “What Are Treatment Options for a Patient With Optic Nerve Damage?”

  • Beth

    Does anyone know of any treatment, , any kind of cure for a digenitive optic nerve with a catarac in same eye.?
    I am legally blind in both eyes. Catarac in both eyes. Have had the digenitive optic nerve for quite awhile. Lately my vision seems to be getting worse in both eyes.
    Am told there isn’t a thing they can do about the digenitive optic nerve/catarac without causing more damage.
    I’m 73 1/2 and digenitive optic nerve was first diagnoised back in the early 1990’s.


  • Sam E

    My mom is 75yrs old with an optic nerve damage due to diabetic stroke in 2008 but her vision is getting worse and hoping for any solution that would not get her vision worse or maybe any surgical solutions to improve her vision. Please reply asap to my email posted above please. Thank you for your support in advance.

  • TM Masha

    I’m a 22 years male with optic nerve and macular scar problem,i would like to khow where to get help and regain my sight on my right eye.

  • Michael T

    I am 53 years old. Due to infection from cataract surgery at the age of 14, I suffered optic nerve damage to my right eve. I also have glaucoma which has caused further damage and has also caused significant loss of bision to my left eve due to optic nerve damage. I am now legally blind and am trying to cope with all the issues that brings into my life. I am thankful for the vision I have but I hope a cure is found for optic nerve damage soon

    Michael T

  • ari

    please consult the list in the stem cell section here, or consult a world-class eye research center. many dangerous, unregulated centers are out there, ready to take your money on unproven treatments.

  • lee knight

    i am 42 years old and am blind due to being poisoned with anti freeze and am told my blindness is caused by optic nerve damage, any information would be very welcome. i have been blind for 7 years now.

  • Travis Hayden

    I am a 39 year old diabetic.I was diagnosed with the disease about 3 days ago.I don’t know how long i had it but it was discovered when i went to the doctors cause my eyes were bothering me.Its so very slight but i noticed a little change in my vision.It was so slight but i could see the difference plus weird floaters and some halo’s around lights. I still can read very well and see well in the dark. I am going in for an eye exam do you think my vision is damaged beyond repair.Does it sound like i’m in the abvanced stages of any eye complications.

  • Abby

    My grandfather fell very ill in Spring of 2009. He is now blind due to optic nerve damage. He has participated in a brain port study but would like to know if there is anything or anyone else out there that could help him? Any advice is appreciated.


  • d

    I wish i could have my sight back. I lost my sight in one eye and most of the other through optic nerve damage. It doesn’t re-generate. ….it’s a shame..hmm i’d like to see properly again..maybe one day.

  • Daron Hodder

    Yes, i fell out of sky here in Aus in February this year. Very lucky to be alive, my last recovery i am hoping to tick of the list is the damage to the optic nerve in the centre of my head. Doctors here have me now in the “maybe” catergory of making a full recovery. My matters are the blind spot to the right of centre and the vision generally running at 500 dpi instead of 1000 dpi to best describe this. I am 43 yrs old, prepared to travel anywhere in the world and meet pepole who may be able to assist. Life is short, mine is now longer so time to get better and make a difference,

    cheers from Oz,
    kind regards
    Daron Hodder

  • ari weitzner

    thats a little hard to explain- its pretty technical. for those with macular degeneration, we can implant a miniature telescope so that vision is spread over a larger area of the retina, and the patient gets the advantage of the magnification. but with magnification, one loses field of vision- cant have both.

    you have both poor central vision and visual field loss. theoretically, you can wear prismatic glasses to move the vision to the better functioning parts of your eye, but it’s not practical- you won’t be able to move out of your seat. what you are asking for is simply too far in the future.