Would You Recommend a New Lens for an 85 YOM With AMD and Cataract?

June 16, 2010

My father has macular degeneration. He has lost sight in one eye already. He is getting shots in the one eye that still has sight, but this eye has a cataract.

Would it be beneficial for a new lens to be put in? He is 85 and in relatively good heath.




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One Response to “Would You Recommend a New Lens for an 85 YOM With AMD and Cataract?”

  • Overall, sounds like your dad would be a good candidate for surgery. There is really nothing to lose. There is the chance of infection that could blind, but if he is willing, I’d consider it.

    The other question is whether or not the retina doctor thinks cataract surgery would be helpful.

    Sounds as if vision is decreased from macular degeneration and cataract.

    I don’t think Dad’s age really matters…if he is willing, accepts the risk and your doctor feels it worthwhile, then go for it!


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