Can a Corneal Implant Correct AMD?

June 8, 2010

Can a corneal implant correct age-related macular degeneration?

If not, is there any surgical peocedure that corrects this condition?




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2 Responses to “Can a Corneal Implant Correct AMD?”

  • If you still have a lens in your eye, you may want to talk to your doctor
    about shots of avastin or lucentis to try to quiet amd swelling.
    If you don’t have a lens in your eye, you may want to speak to your doctor
    about combo shots of the above plus kenalog. Sometimes these will
    quiet swelling of the macula and allow vision to return.
    I would try lucentis 1st , as it is a smaller molecule and less likely to cause
    a pressure increase. Avastin however lasts longer.

  • I am not aware of any corneal device that could help/cure AMD.

    There Is also no surgical procedure available to correct it either.